Tania Howard Creative
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Hello and Welcome!

Are you a musician, photographer, wedding industry professional, or other creative small business owner seeking to take your business to the next level?

Or maybe you represent a creative gathering space, like a coffee shop, restaurant, brewery, art gallery, performance venue, or other event space, and are looking for authentic, compelling visual content, music, and/or other creative partnerships that will promote continued growth, while setting you apart from the competition! 

Or, perhaps, you're not a "business" at all – but, rather, a community-based non-profit (such as a church, environmental organization, etc.) seeking to reach the public, potential partners, and donors that can help you reach your mission – and you understand the need to get creative in your approach in order to have the greatest impact in your community (like THIS)!

Regardless of your size, stage, or structure, if any of the above sounds like you, I'd love to work with you in-depth and one-on-one to help you succeed, so you can attract and connect with your target audience, while you focus on doing what you do best! 

Check out my services above and send me a quick note to get started!